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Pre-order and get a free Commonplace Journal and 2 large ClearSprout packs of your choice

  • Complete access to the RebilderU online French fluency course
    • Guided Mnemonic learning with more than 3,000 words and most commonly used French grammar rules.

Immersion Kit

Pre-order and get 5 free Commonplace Journals AND 5 large ClearSprout packs of your choice

While the online course provides the factual knowledge you need to reach French fluency, you won’t actually become fluent unless you apply your learning through real-world practice and conversation.

RebilderU’s Immersion Kit allows you to do just that by guiding you step-by-step through the daily activities you need to reach proficiency in the shortest time possible. This includes making it easy to find native learning content that you enjoy (i.e. find interesting) and surrounding you with small reminders everywhere you go. This kit is essential for those that want or need to reach professional working fluency (C1) in the absolute shortest time possible.

  • -Complete set of French Fluency Journals (4 total)
    • -These pocket-sized cover journals reinforce the online course with daily exercises, hints, practice material, and activity suggestions to maximize your progress.
      • -Quickly find personalized practice materials and content.
      • -Detailed lessons and reviews not available online.
      • -Get a scientifically proven mental boost from physically writing your thoughts and lessons down.
      • -Track your progress. Record each of your memories.
      • -Cultural activities like recipes, songs, and more!
      • -Pocket-sized so that you can learn at any time or place.
      • -Spaced prompts for review, practice, and application.
      • -Master the French writing and pronunciation system.
      • -The most effective speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises.

  • -Language visualization poster to track your memories and quickly review 100’s of words in just seconds.

  • -A bundle of physical reminders and gear (stickers, coffee cup, magnets, bags, pens, clothing, and travel accessories from our partners) that you can place around your home and work as constant reminders to review your mental lists and daily lessons.

  • -French magazine related to your interests

  • -French Language books and audio books

  • -Partner gear, exclusive access, and special offers

Business Immersion Kit+

Pre-order and get 15 free Commonplace Journals AND a month of large ClearSprout packs of your choice

With RebilderU it’s now easier for your best employees to become French speakers than it is to turn French speakers into your best employees. Master the French business environment to negotiate better deals, expand your market reach, and engage with customers and partners in the most efficient, effective way possible.

    • -Complete access to the RebilderU online French fluency course and all the immersion kit materials.

    • -Business-focused units (additional online course segments)

      • -Business vocabulary
      • -Business phrases
      • -Business slang/colloquial phrases
      • -Industry and product-oriented media

    • -The business edition of RebilderU‘s step-by-step learning journals (6 journals total)

      • -Includes cultural and business best practices
      • -Sample negotiation and meeting timelines
      • -Networking events





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