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Most of the time we spend trying to learn is wasted on attempted memorization and forgetfulness

2,500 years ago the Greeks created the "Art of Memory". By combining this art with modern neuroscience and technology, RebilderU enables anyone to memorize entire foreign languages in weeks, learn computer programming in days, and compress years of schooling into just months.



How does RebilderU Work

Learn 10x Faster, Understand More,
Remember Forever

RebilderU Foreign Language Learning

Foreign Languages

Memorize 3,000+ of the most common words and the complete grammar of a foreign language in as little as 20 hours. Reach professional working fluency (C1) 10x+ faster than any other course, school, or method.


Computer Programming

Start building custom applications in just 1-2 weeks by quickly memorizing hundreds of library functions, commands, and expressions while learning how to compile them into clean, working code.

RebilderU Accelerated Physics and Engineering

Physics & Engineering

Easily understand and retain the basics of physics and design before quickly launching yourself into advanced subjects like aeronautics, architecture, materials, nuclear, mechanics, and civil engineering.


RebilderU Culinary Skills and Wine

Food & Drink

Learn everything you need to pass certification as a Wine Sommelier or memorize the most important culinary arts skills like food pairings, saucier techniques, and classic recipes in just hours.

RebilderU Accelerated Science and Medicine

Science & Medicine

From health and fitness to the vast world of the natural sciences, quickly lay the foundations for advanced knowledge in Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Modern Medicine, and more.

RebilderU Accelerated Math

Math & Data Analysis

From Algebra to Advanced Calculus, spend as little as 40 hours to improve your math skills from the mere basics to full understanding of the most important concepts for specialized learning.






Tricking Your Brain to Remember Anything


Turning boring information into wild memories you can't forget


The human brain naturally memorizes both spatial information (areas/locations) and crazy, emotional, and weird things with virtually zero effort - an ability essential to our survival before modern civilization. The art of memory hijacks this natural ability by tricking our brain into thinking what we want to learn is also important to our survival - instantly creating long-term memories with minimal repetition.



How does RebilderU Work

RebilderU - a framework for accelerated self-learning


RebilderU Accelerated Self-Learning

Memory Efficiency: Passive vs. Active Learning


While traditional learning relies almost entirly on passively reading or listening, it's nearly impossible to use RebilderU without 100% of your focus and mental effort. As a result, while it may require 10-20 repetitions to memorize something passively, it often takes just 1-2 repetitions with RebilderU. In this way, while RebilderU does require far more of your individual focus and attention, it's also drastically more efficient and less time-consuming.








The true value of an education is
measured in ability, not degrees or diplomas

Accelerated Learning

The ultimate launchpad for lifelong, independent learning


Real learning doesn't happen in class, it happens outside of it. That's why RebilderU has been designed to provide you with all you need to start learning through your own interests, projects, and goals in just hours. In this way, RebilderU isn't designed to teach you every single detail about the subject you're learning, but just the facts, ideas, and rules you need to continue your learning independent of any curriculum or outside resource.









The True Cost of Learning is
Measured in Hours, Not Dollars




 Greater learning intensity over a shorter duration


Every second you spend sitting in class or learning inefficiently is time that you could otherwise be doing something else - an investment you'll never get back. In this way, RebilderU isn't a shortcut, it's a trade-off  learning that requires more effort in the moment but consumes far less of your time in total.


How does RebilderU Work





 Immersion Kits

While RebilderU's online courses provides the factual knowledge you need to reach expertise, you won't actually get there unless you apply your learning through real-world practice and experiences. Immersion Kits allows you to do just that by guiding you step-by-step through online courses with daily reviews, additional explanations, learning content, and all the activities you need to reach professional proficiency in the shortest time possible.







Don't just take our word for it...


RebilderU Reviews

"It's difficult at first but once the method 'clicked' the rest was history. I never thought it could be this easy"

- Viktor S., Russia

RebilderU Reviews

"I have spent so many years learning Spanish and to think that something like this could have existed all along.

Sarah S., West Virginia

RebilderU reviews

"No fancy graphics, no flare. RebilderU just gets straight down to business. It plain works."

-Colleen. M, Canada




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