Learn in hours what usually takes years



Most of the time we spend learning is wasted on attempted memorization and forgetfulness

2,500 years ago the Ancient Greeks perfected the art of memory. By integrating this lost art form directly into the learning experience, ReBilder enables anyone to acquire foreign languages in just days, pass high-stakes tests with ease, and master the foundations of entire degree programs in just weeks.




Learn 10x faster, Understand more, Remember forever



Learn with near-perfect efficiency

High efficiency means there's little need for the endlessly study, boring exercises, or constant repetition of traditional learning.



Easily Understand Complex Ideas

Learning is about quality, not quantity. Instead of repeating concepts until they stick, we take one idea at a time, simplify it, and permanently burn it into your mind.



Fast, Better, Longer Lasting

ReBilderU is the easiest, fastest way to learn anything - guaranteed. Why waste your time studying when you could be out using your new skills in just hours.





Fluency In Days, Not Years

Fluent understanding of an entire language in as little as 20 hours.

-Professional working fluency (C1) 10x+ faster than any university, digital program, or traditional course.

-No need to put up with rigid classroom curriculums or the boredom of flashcards and endless repetition

-Almost immediately read (and understand) your favorite books, watch movies, and have real conversations within hours of starting a course.

-The world's fastest, most efficient way to learn a language - guaranteed.






How much could you achieve in two lifetimes? ...in ten?



Real learning doesn't happen in class, it happens out in the world.

The less time you spend repeating yourself, the more time you have to actually use what you learn in ways that you enjoy. In this way, ReBilderU is designed to provide you with enough knowledge to learn independently through your own natural interests, projects, and goals as fast as possible − the ultimate launchpad for self-learning and experience.





The True Cost of Learning is
Measured in Hours, Not Dollars



Every second you spend sitting in class or studying is a second that you could be doing something else - an investment you'll never get back. Not only that, but slow learning often results in a loss of interest, early dropouts, forgetfulness, and limited ability.


The true value of an education is
measured in ability, not degrees or diplomas


"There is nothing more important to the future of the humanity than increasing the quality and efficiency of our learning experiences. Rebilder was created to advance the advent of self-directed, experience-based learning while halving the time it takes to earn the equivalent of a graduate-level degree - effectively doubling the individual and collective intelligence of humanity."

-Graham Mumm, CEO & Chief Course Architect, Rebilder




Don't just take our word for it...


"It's difficult at first but once the method 'clicked' the rest was history. I never thought it could be this easy"

- Viktor S., Russia


"I have spent so many years learning Spanish and to think that something like this could have existed all along.

Sarah S., West Virginia


"No fancy graphics, no flare. RebilderU just gets straight down to business. It plain works."

-Colleen. M, Canada



Learn in Seconds, Use for a Lifetime


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