Learn with a Near Perfect Memory


Most of the time we spend learning is wasted on attempted memorization and forgetfulness

2,500 years ago the Ancient Greeks perfected the art of memory. By integrating this lost art form directly into the learning experience, ReBilder enables anyone to learn foreign languages in days, pass any test with ease, and master the foundations of an entire degree program in just weeks.



The Ascent to Mastery



Learning is simply the process of relating new ideas to our old understanding of the world.

While expertise and mastery are almost entirely earned through experience and self-directed learning, a foundational understanding is primarily gained through the process of integrating a set of new, foreign concepts into our memory. Since there's initially little to relate or compare new ideas to (i.e. what comes to mind when you see a foreign language), memory efficiency during this early stage is often in the single digits. It's only after we have this foundation that we're able to learn efficiently through context and experience.


Guided Mnemonic Learning


School, Lectures, Rote Learning

5-30% Memory Efficiency


Self-Learning & Experience

10-40% Memory Efficiency


Guided Mnemonic Learning

88-93% Memory Efficiency

Traditional learning methods typically use a blunt force approach - repetition, repetition, repetition. Not only is this tremendously boring and slow, but it destroys motivation and suppresses creative ability. By combining new ideas with spatial recognition and emotion (our brain's strongest natural memories), Guided Mnemonic Learning increases memory efficiency to 90%+.



The True Value of an Education is
Measured in Ability, Not Degrees or Diplomas



Real learning doesn't happen in class, it happens out in the world.

The less time you spend testing, studying, and forcing yourself to do homework, the more time you have to actually use what you learn in ways that you enjoy. In this way, ReBilderU is designed to provide you with enough knowledge to learn independently through your own natural interests, projects, and goals as fast as possible − the ultimate launchpad for self-learning and experience.

The True Cost of Learning is
Measured in Hours, Not Dollars






Learn with near perfect efficiency

High efficiency means there's no need for the endlessly study, boring exercises, or constant repetition of traditional learning.




Searchable Memory

Learning with Guided Mnemonics creates a structured, mental database of everything you learn - a reference that's always available and with you.




Fast and Simple

ReBilderU is the easiest, fastest way to learn anything - guaranteed. Your time is valuable, don't waste it sitting in class or constantly repeating yourself.




Our Guarantee

For over two millenia, people of all types and places have used the memory methods behind Guided Mnemonic Learning accumlate and pass down their most important stories and knowledge - without of which, many would have never survived. Continuing in this longstanding tradition, we guarantee our courses to be faster and more effective than any other alternative. If you're not completely satisfied at the speed and progress of your learning, simply send us an email and we'll refund 100% of your latest subscription period.

Additional: Foreign Language Fluency Guarantee



Learn in Seconds, Remember for a Lifetime




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